Podcast 1 - Failing the UFE (Uniform Final Examination):

In an exclusive interview with Kayla Switzer, IwanttobeaCA goes in depth about everything you needed to know about failing the UFE including how to cope with failure, how to prepare for UFE (Uniform Final Examination) the second time around, and how to support someone who has failed the UFE (Uniform Final Examination).

Podcast 2 - Everything you need to know about the CKE, SOA & UFE

In an exclusive interview with PASS (Professional Accounting Supplementary School), IwanttobeaCA goes in depth about everything you need to know on how to prepare for the CKE, SOA & UFE along with strategies, time management tips, and the top reasons why people fail this exam. 

Podcast 3 - All about Recruiting

In an exclusive interview with Marc Belaiche (Torontojobs.ca), IwanttobeaCA goes in depth about everything you need to know about the recruiting industry, and what it takes to get a job in this tough economy.


  1. please do a podcast on strategies for passing the ufe, thanks kindly and i love your blog.

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