Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Change of Career Anyone?

Okay, first of all, let me apologize for not posting anything for over a month now (oh heck, I didn't realize that my last post was like Dec. 6 or something, I really, really am sorry). 

Secondly, I've been meaning to write this for quite some time now but I hesitated because, well, basically, I don't think this is the right venue for it. But then, I realized what I will write could have an impact (I wish) to somebody reading this post. So here goes.

I've been actually thinking of a change in career. Like a total change of career, not just moving from audit to accounting and vice - versa. I don't want to post here what kind of career I'm thinking of shifting to but, rest assured, it is totally different from accounting. I don't know why but the excitement and the fun I used to have in this job are...well, not just there anymore. 

Yes, yes, I know, this job is a lucrative one (if you're the owner, of course). I get to meet a lot of people, rich businessmen, heck even politicians. I get to handle different businesses and different industries. It's full of challenges, full of surprises and full of knowledge updates. But, on the other hand, it is also full of difficult clients, difficult employees, deadlines, overtime, etc., etc. 

I know, I know, a change of career can be a scary prospect. I mean I have to study (again!) for this change (though I don’t think I will need another 4 to 5 years for this one). I have to take a cut from my current income (which is something my partner keeps on emphasizing) and I will probably hear some crap and whining from old clients, colleagues, family and friends. But after almost 15 years in accounting and half of that spent being restless and unsure of my choices, well, I feel like I’m being pulled more and more in this other direction.

Oh, and no, writing online is not that career change I’m talking about. Writing both in this site and in the other sites has been more of a pleasure than an income – generating endeavor. I just wish I could write more (another reason why I want a shift in career); something that I feel will be difficult what with the busy tax season coming in (aaarrggghhh!).

Hmmmm, I just wish you won’t think – what the heck is she talking about!???? I’m pretty sure a lot of accountants out there (not only those who are reading this) had contemplated, at one point or another, shifting to another career. I mean, come on, admit it, haven’t you also thought about this?


  1. Its a tough question. I mean changing a career is a big deal. In your situation its even more difficult since your not one of those who just quit the profession the moment you got the letters. Your actually well established and know A to Z. To answer your question if i were you i would ask myself if it was worth it. The fact you were so long in the professional indicates you were good at it, so whatever you do next, you want to make sure you can continue to excel.....

  2. Speaking for myself, I recently switched from a decade of software development to accounting. It was terrifying: leaving a well paying job, benefits, and the freedoms associated with both of those, to go back to school and start learning about an entirely new field.

    It was a change I... well, we had to make in order find a bit more happiness in our day to day lives. I know how lucky I am to have a wife whose supported me so completely through this process.

    It wasn't an easy decision, but as I said, it was one we needed to make. Once the decision was made, however, things just fell into place. Truth be told, I actually dug, smashed and generally pounded every obstacle into submission on my way to the career change. That was part of the fun.

    I really enjoyed the classroom experience. Certainly being a mature student gave me great perspective, and my professional experience help with dealing with time pressures and problem solving.

    A year later, I'm employed with a small CA firm and am generally enjoying the work. I'm looking forward to the first tax season, and am starting to find the range on the budgets I'm provided.

    Will I still be there after tax season? I don't know. What I do know is that I much happier having made the change in search of something I might like, than languishing in a career where I found no fulfillment. And now, I have options.


  3. one simple question, how to conclude...boss, yes this is what i want...???

  4. I am also in accounting, a CGA. I also want to change career as I cannot foresee myself doing accounting for another 30+ years till I graduate. What do I want to do? Counselling Psychology, to become a counsellor. I have enough savings for finishing the education the profession requires (ie: bachelor then a master), but I am not sure if I could feed myself in this field.

    On the other hand, accounting is good as you can always make a decent income and not having to worry about not being able to feed yourself or paying your mortgage.

    but, can i do this for another 30+ years? i don't know.

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