Sunday, June 27, 2010

How to Get the Good (or Great) Evaluation

Have you ever experienced being in the receiving end of a performance evaluation? If yes, do you even care to know what your performance evaluation is? Or if you do care, do you agonize about the results of the evaluation (like OMG I failed! I'm not worthy to work here! etc.)?

For those accounting firms with busy seasons ending on April 15, this is the time when evaluations, promotions and salary increases (or no increases) abound.

Seniors, managers and partners evaluate those people they manage.

Seniors, managers and partners talk to those people they manage about their evaluations.

Seniors, managers and partners then meet to finalize the evaluations.

And the juniors sweat it out while waiting for that all-important evaluation rating which will decide whether they will continue with the firm, or get promoted or get kicked out.

So if you’re a junior, how do you go about getting that great evaluation? Here’s how:

First of all, read this post about How to be the all star first year junior. Those are some very good tips on how to excel in your work even if you are still a junior.

Second, accept wholeheartedly whatever job is given to you and always ensure you give it your best. If you are given the task to vouch 100 samples, do it. Don’t take any shortcuts.

If you are told to get last year’s files for this year’s audit, do it (even if it means you have to wade through a lot of files and cart them all to your team’s office space).

Third, have the mindset of the one above you. If you’re a junior, start thinking like an in charge or a senior (even if your current work is ‘merely’ vouching and photocopying).

Why do I say this? Because if you are being evaluated for possible promotion, your attitude will show that you are prepared to go up the ladder of leadership in your firm.

Do not act like your senior though or they’ll think you’re arrogant or worse, you’re trying to challenge their authority.

Fourth, volunteer for more work. If they need a junior to do something (like help out with the files, photocopying, vouch more samples, trace more items, etc.), step up and raise your hand and say you’ll do it. Your senior will appreciate knowing that you will do whatever it takes to ensure that the team gets the job done.

Caution: check first if you can handle the additional load otherwise you may just be stretching yourself too thin and your senior will not appreciate if you volunteer for something that you can’t finish.

Fifth, do not look overeager when you do your work. Your senior or manager can sense who is bent on doing a great job and who is just showing off. Your senior or manager will also not appreciate it if they think that you are just after a great evaluation… and nothing else.

Sixth, make sure that you treat everyone nicely and you act professional at all times.

Nothing will ensure you get a bad reputation than when you ‘accidentally’ rubbed off another person the wrong way and that person happens to be a partner of the firm!

Or when you and your friends are on an elevator on your way to lunch talking and laughing loudly (read: unprofessionally) and one of the passengers is a partner of the firm!

The above may or may not affect your performance evaluation rating but are you willing to take the risk?

Lastly, as much as possible, restrain from grumbling about your work, your overtime hours, your pay or your boss to your office mate or teammate. Nothing can turn off your senior, manager or partner than having a junior who complains or grumbles about everything all the time.

I mean, if you don’t like working for the firm, just get out of the firm. Right?

And that's about it. Good luck on your evaluation! Hope you’ll get the kind of rating that you really want.


  1. noooooooooooooh!

  2. decent post. you should also dwell on other things that affect reviews such as market conditions, office politics etc. etc.

  3. Don't forget the part where you aren't actually measured on your performance vs. your job description. You're actually measured against the performance of the other people at your level. So if the other people live at home and mommy and daddy do everything for them (shopping, cooking, cleaning etc) and they have a lot more time to put into work....well, too bad for you!

    And like previous commenter said - office politics!!

    It's really all about kissing @$$, with the right people, and making sure they at least *think* you're doing an amazing job.

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