Monday, June 14, 2010

Do You Love Your Job?

And will your feelings affect your performance on the job?

Okay, I’m not talking about the CA’s job or the CGA’s job or the CFA’s job. I’m talking about jobs in general.

Assuming that we’re not experiencing the credit crunch right now, that everything is well, ‘normal’.

Do you love your job?

It always amazes me to see people having great, if not good, jobs and still they are not really happy. They like the pay, the perks, their boss, the company but they don’t like their jobs.

I’ve seen this happen and I believe it’s a reality in our profession. I know some (actually, a lot of) people who took up Accounting because they thought this was the most practical course to take and that they can handle the accounting – related job.

Well, they did get jobs, no problem about it. But they ended up hating these jobs. Some of them simply resigned, some went to find other jobs (that they soon hated also because the new jobs were more or less the same as the old jobs) and some stayed.

Which brings me to my next question. Love or hate the job, how’s your performance on the job?

Notice that I didn’t say if the people I mentioned above are good performers or bad ones.

Simply because it went both ways.

Some of them were good, some were great and some were, well, let’s just say they were not as good in it as they wanted to be.

I have a cousin who is also an accountant. He didn’t want to be an accountant. When he went to work as an auditor, he also didn’t want to become an auditor and he was simply bad at it. When he worked for a private company as part of its Finance group, he still didn’t like his job but because the pay is good (and he has children to raise), he’s staying. But then again, my cousin is getting promoted all the time. So, he must be good in what he is doing (hey, he’s my cousin so he must be good at it – just kidding!). And yet, he still claims that he hates his job!

Whenever I hear the above, I just want to shake him senseless. I mean, hey, other people don’t have jobs and would give a lot to have yours, and still you hate it?!?!?!

Or let’s take me as an example (hope nobody accuses me of bragging). When I was working for an accounting firm, I honestly could not say I liked my job. And yet, I got promoted from junior, to senior and, finally, to manager. Plus I was told that I have the makings of a partner. Still when I’m asked if I love audit, I would always reply no (and mean it). And I know a lot of my officemates (even my co-managers) feel the same way.

So, is it necessary for one to love one’s job to be good in that job?

Not necessarily. But it will definitely make your life easier if you love the job you are in.

And I leave you with this link. Hope you like reading it. Cheers!


  1. I don't know how to say this but i love being a CA in a big firm! I will level with all of you, i hate the nitty gritty parts, the boring audit work, stupid documentation and administration tasks. But when i get a chance to meet with some pretty cool clients, and work one of one with some senior partners at the firm, it feels good. But like the post says, days when i really hate the stuff im doing, i cant wait to leave. But days when i enjoy the work, i just feel that time flies. This post is very close to the last one. Think about it, if you have a good attitude a.k.a are happy and positive, than more likely than not you will perform well. However the other way around, you can and will still perform well, but the chances of becoming an average or below average worker greatly increase.

  2. I believe that the ability to manage stress in the workplace can make the difference between success or failure on the job. Your emotions are contagious,and has a great impact on the quality of your job.

  3. Although we weren’t the ones who decided who will be promoted in the end, we basically contribute by giving our evaluation.

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