Thursday, December 31, 2009

And a Happy New Year to All of You!

It’s been about 4 months now since I started blogging in I Want to be A CA. And although I can’t honestly say that blogging here has been a picnic, writing blogs here have been a really interesting experience. For one, this is my only platform to write about my experience (as well as my thoughts) about auditing. For another, I’m receiving great comments from readers out there (despite the fact that some did not agree with what I wrote), attesting to the fact that somebody out there is actually reading what I wrote.

Well, okay, reminiscing over. I just want to write this post to wish people out there a Happy New Year.

To the accounting student reading this, I hope you will have a great year ahead of you (in terms of your studies). Hope you will pass your subjects and your course. I hope, too, that you will stay on course to become a CA someday.  

To those who are planning to become CAs in 2010, I wish you good luck and hope you will get what you are aspiring for. Incidentally, I just read that 3,127 CA students passed the 2009 Uniform Evaluation. Congratulations to them!

To those who are working in an accounting firm (regardless if it’s a Big 4 firm or not) and are about to enter the busy season, I also wish you good luck (I need this one also) and good health (believe me, you will need this). Don’t forget that it’s only for four months so keep your cool and you’ll survive it.

To those who are already CAs, my good wishes for your career and life, in general, in 2010.

To those CAs (and other professionals as well) who were (or are still) negatively affected by the economic crunch or the recession or the financial crisis, my wish is that you will find a (much better!) job or you will find a career path that is the one really meant for you.

To everybody else, have a good year ahead of you! Thanks for reading.


  1. Thanks for the kind words Emi! Happy New Year and all the best wishes to you as well :P

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  2. Hey man, thanks for posting so much and keeping us all entertained. I check this blog several times daily in hopes of new content. Even though I don't normally comment, rest assured that I have read each one of your posts several times (and I'm sure countless other readers can say this themselves as well). Keep up the good work! your insider perspective has been invaluable and I really appreciate what you and the blog's founder have done to shed light on this profession.

  3. Thanks Anonymous.

    Hey Big Tuna, I know you're one of our most regular readers here and I really do appreciate you taking time to read our posts and comment on them. Thanks for your encouraging words. Here's hoping we will all have a better 2010.

  4. ditto Big Tuna's comment.
    I also don't always comment, but I check your blog literally everyday.
    Thanks for everything!