Saturday, October 3, 2009

How to Prepare for Your First Interview - Part II

Okay, I posted part I of this blog above. Here are the next tips on how to prepare for your first ever interview:

Practice, practice, practice. Go online and research possible interview questions. Then practice answering them. Don’t do this with your mind only, practice saying your answers out loud. Better yet, if you know of someone who have gone through the same interview, ask him or her what the questions are then practice how you will answer the same questions. Get a buddy and have a mock interview so that your buddy can give you feedback on how you answer those questions. You should also ask feedback on the non-verbal things like your posture, the way you talk, your gestures, the way you listen, your eye movement and how you look when you think about how to answer the interview questions. Your non-verbal communication skills are just as important as your verbal communication skills, so make sure you receive feedback for these also.

Prepare interview clothes. Okay, nothing can really derail all your preparations than finding out you have absolutely nothing to wear or your clothes are not really the “right” ones. Once you find out about the interview date, go over your wardrobe and look at your clothes if they will go well for an interview. If the answer is yes, try them on (next to having no appropriate clothes to wear, ill-fitting clothes are also guaranteed to set panic on your interview day). If they still fit and still look good on you, bring them out and iron them no later than the day before your interview. If nothing fits anymore, go out and buy or borrow one. Do not settle for clothes that are available but are inappropriate for your interview. Not only do you have to sound like you belong on that job but you also have to look the part.

Set that alarm clock. Okay, it’s already the day before your interview. You think you’re ready but wait (again)! Make sure that you will make a good first impression on your interview. And what’s the first thing that will give you a good first impression? Your punctuality. So, before you go to sleep the night before, set up your alarm clock. You already know how long it will take you to physically prepare yourself and the travel time to the office so you have a good estimate of what time you need to wake up. Set your alarm clock accordingly so that you will not accidentally ‘oversleep’ and end up being late (heaven forbid!) for your interview.

Get a good night’s sleep. Lastly, relax and sleep tight. Don’t think about it too much. If you have been preparing yourself for the interview days beforehand, reassure yourself that you are ready. Then go to sleep. This will help you re-energize and wake up the next morning feeling positive and ready to face the day. Your energy will translate to a good outlook and a positive attitude that will surely give you good points even before your interviewer starts the interview proper.

These are just some of my tips on how to prepare yourself for an interview. I guess they all just boil down to one thing: prepare yourself. This is an all-important day for you and you will surely want to put your best foot forward. Preparing yourself is one of the ways for you to ace your interview. Plus, if your interviewer notes how prepared you are, he or she is going to be pleased with how you really value your chances of getting accepted by the company. This, in turn, will increase your chances of getting inside the company. So, good luck and I hope you get that job!


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