Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer is Sweet at Big 4

Summer is sweet.

Especially so at Big four. After finishing a boring pension audit, I find myself unassigned for this week with nothing to do. Summer and Busy Season at Big Four is like night and day. Unless you get yourself assigned on a terrible audit with a July year end, life in July is good.

Busy Season has long been over and people are happy with their forty hour work weeks. I’d give it another month or so before the gloom and doom starts again. Summer is almost bearable at Big Four. The work still sucks, but at least the hours are reasonable.

A very wise senior once told me why people have mental break downs in big 4.

You can have a stressful job as long as the hours are good.
You can have a job with long hours as long as the work isn’t stressful.
But when you combine long hours and stress, you have a mental breakdown.

I’m happy to say I’m not seeing a lot of mental breakdowns in the summer time.

With every summer comes…

FOSI (Fresh off School Interns)

Interns have it good in the summer. They barely get to do any work. Some of the interns I have been talking to have been complaining about the lack of work their getting on their 3 month internship. Oh, to be an ambitious college kid again…

One intern wanted a performance review after spending 2 hours photocopying documents, and preparing binders. =) Another walked around the office introducing himself to every manager trying to get work. =)

Silly interns.

Getting into Big 4 is like getting into your first bad relationship as a kid.

Here is why:

1)You’re excited and have a new wave of confidence.
2) Your jealous friends think you’re so cool.
3) You’re eager to please.
4) You tell everyone. “I work at Big 4” “I’m dating Sam”
5) You get money.
6) Point 5 refers to you being a prostitute not a relationship. Oops. My mistake.
7) You spend way too much time.
8) You’ll be asked to order/make food.
9) Sometimes you wonder if you’re being taken advantage of.
10) Your parents wonder why you come home so late.
11) Your parents don’t know what you’re doing.
12) You tell yourself things will get better.
13) You’re made to do things you don’t want to.
14) You wonder if this is the ONE where you will spend the rest of your life.
15) You consider leaving but what will your friends/parents think?
16) You’re asked to eat things you don’t want to… um… like hours of course.
17) There are good times and bad times.
18) Bad times seem to be a lot worse.
19) The longer you stay, the worse it gets.
20) The smart ones leave early.


  1. LMFAO:

    6) Point 5 refers to you being a prostitute not a relationship. Oops. My mistake.

    Wait a minute... are we still talking about the Big 4? Because from what I heard.......... =/

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