Monday, July 20, 2009

It's Summer Time.....

And what does that mean? Well, sun, fun, and summer school, at least for me :(

As accountants, we understand the value of our time and we hate procrastination, right? We like to stay organized and get our work out of the way so we can maybe have some free time, right? Well a good friend of mine learned the hard way….

Let me tell you a story about a girl named Julie:

Once upon a time Julie started attending the CA recruiting events at our school. She dressed up in her best formal attire, did her hair in such a way that she looked as elegant as ever, and she wore glasses in an attempt to look more professional.

At the events, Julie introduced herself to as many people as she could, gave business cards to every one of them, and asked meaningful and well thought questions. At the end of the event Julie said her goodbyes and went back home feeling more than satisfied with her performance.

That same night ended up being the application deadline for two firms that Julie was interested in. At the last minute Julie was panicking trying to make changes to her cover letters and resumes to reflect the firm that she was applying to. With less than five minutes left Julie submitted her applications and felt a sigh of relief.

Julie is an intelligent person but is also very unorganized and a strong believer in procrastination. The next day, just to make sure that her applications were submitted properly, she decided to logon to the recruiting site and take a look at her applications.

Julie entered her username and password, clicked on submitted applications, and then on the PwC link. She waited five seconds and up popped her resume and cover letter………except it didn’t say PwC on it, it said KPMG!!! “Oh no!” exclaimed Julie! Oh no indeed…

As it turns out, Julie sent PwC her KPMG resume and cover letter and KPMG her PwC resume and cover letter!!

It’s Summer Time….

Yes, it is….but school starts in about six weeks. Start working on those cover letters, resumes and get your business cards ready. After all, you don’t want to miss the deadlines, submit cover letters and resumes with errors, or end up sending the wrong firm the wrong application because you were in panic mode!

Attending all the recruiting sessions, working on your applications, and doing school work all at the same time can be overwhelming. So get a head start, and as my buddy Zac Efron says, ‘get your head in the game!’

P.S. That will be the one and only reference to Zac Efron I’ll ever make...I hope :)


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