Thursday, July 2, 2009

Do you steal from your firm's office supplies?

Do you steal from your firm’s office supplies?

Be Honest. =)

Today I’d like to just take a look at the irony about the CA designation, a professional degree with the "highest ethical standards." A professor of mine, once upon a time when I was in school, mentioned that the big four firms suffered from Office supply raiding once co-ops were close to finishing their work term.

It’s pretty funny cause I’m pretty sure this hasn’t changed. In fact, working at a big 4 firm, I can say this still pretty much happens. It’s virtually impossible to tell if someone is taking office supplies for personal use or actual firm use.

Here are the smartest and most clever ways to steal from your Big 4 firm. Who says accountants aren’t smart?

1) Shipping personal items in firm envelopes. You can run an ebay business.

2) Stealing Dell laptop chargers. This one is borderline wrong. But how many people only lock their laptops and leave their laptop chargers and mouse lying around.

3) Look at the bottom of your dell laptop. There is a Windows XP professional cd key. Working XP cdkey + market for it = $$

4) Excessive Photocopying/Printing for personal use. I know some people who prints ebooks at work and reads them on the train.

5) 11 Hour = Dinner allowance means charge 11 hours on a day when you’re hungry and less hours the next day when you’re not.

6) You take the highway to work. You charge your client the “city route” for your mileage.

7) Stealing Binders, folders, sheet protectors

8) Stealing Pencils, Pens, paper clips, highlighters, tape, etc i.e. the newbies .

Which one are you guilty of? =P

What are the other most creative ways to steal from your firm?

Note: I want to be a CA accounting blog does not engage in, support or endorse any of these activities. Stealing is wrong and can result in you losing your job. This is a satirical post, and should be only taken as so.


  1. When I was young, in Grade 5, our teacher told us that we needed to photocopy a book. Like most immigrant families, we were pretty poor and lower-middle class.

    Most of my friends told me that in order to save money, they asked their fathers to use the photocopier from their workplace to photocopy that book. After marveling at this idea for a little while, I happened to tell my old man about this and asked him if he could do the same.

    To which he said, "Son, when you're in a company their is something called Profit. When you're a human being there is something called Ethics and Morality. Stealing is stealing, get ahead in life but don't loose your morals."

    I'll never forget that. And because of my dad, I have never stolen anything from any place or from anyone.

    I hope more people followed this lesson that my dad told me. The world would be a much better place.


  2. Christ, I can't even begin to imagine why anyone would want to steal the same apparatus that they use everyday at work to use at home. If I had to be around binder clips, red pencils, and post it notes at home I'd probably kill someone. It defies all logic to me for someone to steal those things. I would rather purchase the supplies myself to make sure they were different from the ones I use at work.