Thursday, May 28, 2009

Interview answers to come shortly

I had a great interview today with our retired KPMG partner. The whole interview should be typed out and good to read by the weekend.

Here's a sneak peak at one of the questions and answers, for those who can't wait.


What are your thoughts on the CA designation? It has generally been my opinion that the CA field is getting over saturated. Now, it seems like every young university student wants to get their CA. What advice would you give a young person entering or finishing university today?


Follow your heart. It’s cliché. I know. But It works. At the end of the day, you have to answer to yourself. I followed my heart – not the crowd. If you do what everyone else does, you’ll be just that. Ask yourself what you aspire in life. Do you want to live the dream of someone else or live your own?

It’s ridiculous how many young prospects I meet who tell me one day they dream of being a partner at a Big 4 firm. They say they want to be like me.

They never even stepped foot in a Big 4 firm. How on earth can you already aspire to be a partner? It’s like wanting to be Michael Jordan, not knowing the game of basketball.

Another student once told me: I can follow my dreams, but I’ll never make any money. That’s why I chose accounting.

I can tell you right now that if you have this attitude, you will fail in life. Your parents' may be proud of you. Your family might be proud of you. Your friends might think you’re a success, but you will never be proud of yourself. Worse off, you will never forgive yourself.

I see managers at KPMG who quit at 40 cause they couldn’t take it anymore. They have a mid life crisis and wondered why they went into accounting. I can pretty much guarantee you they would trade you their 6 figure job to be 20 again.

Success is hard work with a mix of luck and grabbing the right opportunities when they arise and rejecting the wrong ones when they try to grab you by the neck. It is a matter of opening doors and then closing them again when you don’t like what you see behind them.

If you like accounting, you already know this. Congratulations to you. Get your CA. I promise you it will be one of the most rewarding career paths you can take.

If you don’t like accounting, stop trying to fool yourself. Stop saying “Once I get my CA, I’m out of here.” You're already chasing the money.

If you can’t take a risk now, you won’t take the risk later.

-End of sneak preview of interview-

The full interview will be typed out, ready to read, and posted this weekend. Goodnight. Cavaliers in 7 btw.


  1. LMAO at Cavaliers in 7, good stuff though. This is real talk, none of this marketing BS.

  2. This post makes me think a lot. I absolutely love this post. Thank you very much for the great work!

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