Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Young Ambitious High Student

So you're interesting in getting your CA designation right? You are a young, bright, talented student with no idea what to do with your life. You're scared of making the wrong career choice. Your scared of picking the wrong University. You don't really understand the direction in your life. And that's perfectly understandable right?? After all your young!! You feel you have so much potential. You're smart. Everyone always said you were.

Suddenly, someone comes along and eases all the pain and hard decisions for you. They offer you a career that is respected, well compensated, and highly structured so you don't have to make all the "hard" decisions. In fact, accounting is the "Can't screw up" decision after all right?

So you decided to take an undergraduate in accounting. You go through hard work, hard work, and more hard work. You don't really like it. But, all your friends do? At one point, you even contemplated changing. Your friends called you crazy. After all, you already made all this time investment.

So you continue on. You later do an internship. Maybe if your lucky, you get into one of the Big 4 firms. You work a bit. You see long hours, lots of suffering, and again, you don't really like it. But, everyone else tells you to keep going. It's only 30 months. After all, it will soon "All be worth it"

Welcome to my first post on my blog. Whether your a prospective high school student looking into the CA designation, an University student struggling to survive, an intern who hates their job, or one of the lucky ones who are a manager and actually love their job, this is the blog for you.

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