Monday, April 6, 2009

Why Auditors are hated by clients?

If you are looking for a job where everyone loves you, look again. There are no people clients hate more than auditors. Why?

The no BS answer is you piss the client off insanely. You ask them stupid questions. You don't understand how their system works so you ask them the same question over and over again. You ask for a document. They said they already gave it to you. You check your desk and can't find it so you re-request it. You waste their time getting you another copy only for you to find the original copy in your "slush." You make their life miserable. They already live highly stressful lives and you make it that much worse. I'm not kidding.

Take the auditor client relationship in the form of Sam and Bob. Sam's job is to bother Bob with questions, find mistakes in Bob's work and report it to Bob's boss. As a result of Sam's job, Bob has to work overtime with no extra pay, deal with high levels of stress and looks bad in front of his boss. Do you really think Bob likes Sam no matter how many fake smiles, and friendly coffee chats they have?

Any recruiter who tells you auditing is all rosy and red with little conflict is blatantly lying to you. Here is some advice for the nice people who think my post doesn't apply to them because they are nice people and have always been liked. I am a nice guy. My whole pre-audit life I don't think I managed to piss off more than 10 people; well, maybe outside my family and friends. I am well liked by everyone. In fact, I am so nice, I try to please everyone. I am a conflict avoider, and I let people have their way usually. So I am even further liked further enhancing my image as the nice guy who everyone likes. I am hated as an auditor.

There is no way to please everyone in the auditing profession. If you want to get your work done, you have to piss off the client. There are strict deadlines, and if you act like Mr. nice guy giving the client all the time they want to give something to you, you will end up fired. Sometimes you have to be an asshole. "I'm sorry that its 10p.m., and you can't go home. I need the file by the end of today."

If you can't take not being liked, the auditing profession is not for you.


  1. Obviously this guy who wrote this is extremely exaggerating. Most clients are actually nice since they want to have good reviews. This blogger must really hate his job, unfortunately.

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