Friday, April 3, 2009

What exactly is a CA?

A CA refers to a professional accounting designation that is earned
by completing a rigorous undergraduate business program, followed by passing a series of accounting exams set forth by the institute and usually thirty months of practical work experience. I won't bore you with the details. Consider this an intro post for you CA newbies who are reading. No more CA Intro 101. Read up at

CA has been one of the "hottest fields" to get into similar to IT a couple of years ago. As a result, we have crazy amounts of advertising targeted to smart high school students. How did something that once was known as the "boring job" suddenly attract all these top prospects. It's like future NBA players wanting to play for the WNBA. You can thank the CICA or the ICAO or whoever it is that does the advertising.

It seems like every top high student now whats to do their CA. What the hell man? Where are all the doctors? engineers? pilots? Porn Stars? Even some engineers at my school want to switch to the CA field. Why exactly? I have three reasons.

Money - Actually, CA's get killed hourly.
Power - On the outside, in the inside, you're a corporate slave.
Women - I must say there are some pretty hot women at my CA Firm. However, the long big 4 hours make sure they are double declining depreciating assets. =)

So to conclude my CA101 post for your CA newbies who will be reading. CA is the hot new designation that through countless hours of grinding, suffering and more suffering, you will finally get. Plus, you get to impress all your friends. You're no longer John Doe. You're John Do, CA. Booyah!!

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