Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Counting School

A-Counting School. Get it? Haha

Hope all my fellow CA and CA student's are having a good time.

This will be my optimistic post of the week.

Today I'd like to introduce a No BS blog that one of my good friends introduced me to that is also very much based on accounting and auditing. It is a A Counting School . Hahah, Get it??? =)

Who said Accountants can't be creative?

It has been around since 2006 and has a wealth of great information. The writing is very well done. Some of the older posts are hilarious like East Coast Road via Via Philadelphia. Now there is no excuse for you to forget your audit assertions again. =)

I don't really have much to to write about today. I have been busy working on a blogger design and a new logo. The blog logo I made in 5 minutes with paint, btw.

I will address two questions posed to me in the comments section. Hopefully I am allowed to do that.

From elchow:
May I ask how a CA is going to help you in your career?

Very good question. My answer is that I was suckered into the CA path like you are/were/will be. I don't feel it will help me in the career that I want. But I am very entrepreneurial based, and like to build things from the ground up.

Given that, I do not actually have my CA yet. So, it is still a matter of question if I complete it. I very much understand the concept of opportunity costs, and if a better opportunity arises, I have no problem ditching my CA hours, my big 4 job, and all the hard work I put in.

I do not feel having a CA and not having a CA is a big difference. It is more about how you can apply your knowledge to solve real life problems that will determine how far you go in life. The only reason I see I need to have a CA is if I want to be in public practice, which I don't.

Right now, I am still working on some business ideas. Until then, It is a great "time-staller" especially to handle parents.

From dipo:
quick question, are the women in your firm really hot? the reason why I am asking is because I am currently taking accounting and most of the ones in my classes are mostly asians and I tend to prefer caucasians

Hmmm, I wouldn't mind putting some intercompany deposits in...erhhmm. =P

To answer your question. It depends firm by firm, office by office. I agree with your Asian theory. There seems to be lots of asians, especially chinese going into accounting.

You will find your fair share of "book value = fair value" assets that you'd love to audit.

You'll have some umm...older depreciating assets that have impairment losses. Impairment losses are irreversible according to US GAAP. I agree with US GAAP and not IFRS.

But me and my friends agree, that big 4 women are hot, but be careful because they are umm... double declining..

BTW, this is the worst reason for you to go into accounting and big 4. =)

I hope I don't get flamed.


  1. I love this! And love it even more because you mention Krupo who is, of course, the Rockstar of CAs.

    Keep it up. No flaming here.

    Jr Accountant
    aka Mistress of the CPA Exam for those poor bean counters down South

  2. Hey awesome blog, I got a question this could be somewhat unrelated to the purpose of the blog. Could you write a post about the accounting networking events you did in university and was it worth it to go to these seminars/events.

    As well could you also write about the interview process when being hired to work at one of the big 4

  3. lol! love the terminology...don't sue me for copyright infringement.... please ;)

  4. btw Instead I would say ibanking females are double declining and accounting ones ummm sum of the years