Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Accounting Rap Song

I Want to be CA is proud to sponsor the Accounting Song (Money All Day)  

P.S. .. you have to check it out, its the funniest accounting video ever.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Podcast 3 - All about Recruiting

Do you have what it takes to get a job in this tough market? Are you struggling and getting demotivated because you can't land your dream job? In an exclusive interview with Marc Belaiche of, we take an in depth look at the recruiting industry, and how to best prepare for tough interviews. This podcast is perfect for people who are trying to understand how the recruiting industry works. Marc Belaiche is the president of and runs an annual entrepreneur conference called the Toronto Entrepreneur Conference. He is also a Chartered Accountant, and has years of experience in the recruiting industry.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Introduction to PASS Pointers

IwanttobeaCA is pleased to annouce that it has teamed up with PASS (Professional Accounting Supplementary School) to produce these Video Tutorials to help students better prepare for the UFE (Uniform Final Examination). 

Please help us share these videos to your friends who are in the process of starting to study for the UFE as it can greatly benefit them. 

Please leave a comment or email us if you would like to request topics to be presented. 

We will be producing additional videos in the future.  All the latest videos can be viewed at our new Videos section. 

1) Pass Pointer #1 - Getting Started with the UFE

2)  Pass Pointer #2 - How the UFE is Marked

3) Pass Pointer #3 - Do's and Dont's of the UFE

Friday, March 15, 2013

PODCAST 2 - Everything you need to know about the CKE, SOA & UFE

In our second Podcast, we help you guys prepare for the CKE, SOA and UFE.

We have an exclusive interview with Michael Levi & Ira Walfish from Pass (Professional Supplementary Accounting School).

These guys have over 20 years of teaching experience.

We go into the following topics...

Study tips for the CKE, SOA, UFE

What is the best way to study for the CKE, SOA & UFE?

What is the number one reason why people fail the CKE, SOA & UFE?

How markers mark the UFE?

Can knowing too much technical actually hurt you for the UFE?

Is there a thing such as over studying for the UFE?

How do you mentally prepare for each test?

How do you study the technical for each test?

If you would like to reach out to Michael and Ira, you can reach them on their website at

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

PODCAST 1 - I failed the UFE (Uniform Final Examination)! Now What?

Did you fail the UFE?  or have a close friend fail the UFE?

Failing the UFE can be a pretty emotional impact on you or your friend!

In IwanttobeaCA's first podcast, we dig a little bit deeper into this topic.

We have an exclusive interview with our special guest Kayla Switzer.  Kayla Switzer failed the UFE on her first attempt.  At first she was devastated and just wanted to run and hide.  It felt like she was alone and had no one to turn to when all her friends and coworkers passed on their first attempt.

However, she was undeterred and determined to succeed again the second time around.  She sought out resources and reached out to as much people as possible who could help her pass the second time around.  She went through a one year journey to redeem herself and..... she did indeed pass the UFE the second time around.

Today she is a successful CA who has worked as a controller for a real estate firm, started her own business venture, counsels experienced UFE writers and is also a successful mother expecting her second child!

IwanttobeaCA would like to thank Kayla, and you can reach out to Kayla on her website: 

We dive into the following topics on our first podcast - Failing the UFE with Kayla Switzer. 

a)How failing the UFE feels like from someone who failed the UFE?

b)How to cope with failure especially in the first couple of weeks?  

c)Do experienced writers get as much support as first time writers?

d)Why failing the UFE can be a great thing?

e)Should you appeal your results if you fail the UFE?

f)How failing the UFE impacts your life and relationships?

g)How should you start preparing for the UFE again?

h)How do you support a friend or family member who has failed the UFE?

"Click on the Play Button to start the Podcast"


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Adopting the CPA in Ontario Webinar w/ Rodd Bar

I recently attended the Webinar with Robb Barr.  The Webinar can be accessed later on the ICAO website.
I am not advocating any opinion, and encourage you to do your due diligence.  This is just a summary. 

Here are is a summary of the webinar: 

Unification is happening.

CPA Quebec has already gone through CPA legislation and has already completed everything.

CPA Canada has been formed by CICA and CMA Canada and at the last two leadership meetings, there is substantial commitment from both parties.

It is the government who runs the accounting profession and will have to enact a merger under any circumstances.  Any vote cannot be binding as the final decision lies with the Government of Ontario.  

Alberta in the last 6-8 weeks which had dropped out 13 months ago, have asked to come back to effect a merger.

65% of accountants represented by councils across the country decided to go the CPA route.  17% of CGAS represented by 6 provinces don't want to go CPA.

83% of accountants say they are going that route.

The vision is to have:   

1 accounting designation
14 governing bodies
170,000+ members
Benefits of Adopting CPA

-ICAO has strong voice in CPA Canada and globally
-Serves public interest with strong national standards
-Interprovincial/international mobility assured
-Shared costs for education, branding, etc.
-Protect Rights to CPA

Risks of Inaction

-ICAO marginalized and without international voice
-ICAO standards differ from former CA partners/CPAs
-Interprovincial/international mobility not assured
-ICAO must pay for education, branding, etc.
-Possible loss of CPA rights

Ontario doesn't want to go alone in CA movement because they would have to do own advertising, cost extremely high,

ICAO adopted CA and is committed to Unification.

-Council approved issuing CPA desigantion to all members as of November 1, 2012; certificates distributed
- Use of the CPA designation with the CA: "CPA, CA" - will be voluntary until July 1, 2013, when it becomes mandatory
-Use of Chartered Professional Accountant in firm names now set for January 1, 2018

Big4 firms have been labeled as CPA firms in past 5 years in Globe and Mail.

CMA Ontario will return to discussions for unification.   CGA Ontario is still out

Question Period

We are at different stages of unification at different provinces and it is a mess.  There is at least a period of 3-4 years before unification takes place right across this country.

There is going to be confusion with US CPA and our current CPA designation.    It is an unfortunately matter.  That being said, there are many CPA's around the world who are not equivalent to US CPA.

Many members feel we are debasing the CA designation by going to the lowest denomination.

ICAO responds by saying they are not debasing the CA.  They are not reducing the standards of entry.  They are not reducing criteria of a regulatory regime or to practice public accounting.  Many people say that the new training regime is more robust.  Inherent in the change is the fact that they have to do a sound branding job to bring all the values of the old designation to the new designation.

Ontario government feels that merger is a good idea. 

All benefits of CA we are positioned to retain them. 

ICAO does not control the status quo.  They control what happens in Ontario.  Our accounting profession was being changed by the soverign actions.  Every CA body in this country with the Exception of alberta and ourselves who have no merger partner says we chose to go CPA

If we stay with the status quo, there is a limit to which we can grow.  We would compromise things that our members currently enjoy.   We are preserving as much of our status quo as possible and you get an extra designation.  

Assuming we do merge with someone, will the ICAO continue or the mergers create a new organization.  if the ICAO does go away, how long will it take.

If there is a merger, we are in the drivers seat, and CMA and CGA have to listen to us.  

We are not 100% sure of branding for CPA.  We anticipate logos and mission statements for time frame as of April 1st, we have all the stuff done for branding. 

New CPA Designation must be as rigorous as existing CA designation. 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

ICAO Vote Yes or NO? Future of CA Designation

This is very important.
  There has been lots of debate and concern about a video posted by the ICAO a couple of weeks ago so I just wanted to clarify to Chartered Accountant members and students what exactly is going on and what CA members should be concerned with.  Members will be asked to vote to approve bylaw amendments that create a new class of ICAO members - "Affiliates" - at a Special General Meeting on February 28, 2013.

This video is a little deceptive and there is lots of misleading information in it.  Please note that this is NOT a spoof video or a user generated video.  This is a video that is directly produced by the ICAO!  The ICAO wants you to Vote Yes.

The new affiliate class will be granted to Ontario CMA or CGA's in good standing that want to use the CPA designation.  The ICAO claims that this is necessary to protect our "CA" designations.  If we do not vote yes, individuals can become "associate" members of the ICAO and be eligible immediately to use the CA designation in Ontario.  Thus, the ICAO wants you to vote Yes to protect your CA designation.

The new ICAO bylaw is essentially meant to prevent other accountants from coming in and backdooring their way to become a CA.  Please realize that we wouldn't have this problem in the first place if ICAO did not join CPA Canada.  It appears that we have a bit of a problem.  Please remember that this is not a vote on if you support the merger or not.  It seems that the ICAO has already went ahead of that since we already have our CPA designations.     

If you want to protect the CA designation, the ICAO says must vote YES, and indirectly are in support of the merger whether or not if you support it. 

If you vote NO, you basically can show a stance against the ICAO's actions, but this is NOT a vote on whether you support the merger or not. 

Whether you vote Yes or NO, I highly encourage all CA's and CA students to get more involved with the process and to voice your concerns.  Remember you worked so hard for the CA designation, everyone should vote and take an active part in this important change for us.

Here are some great resources for you to learn more.  I urge all CA's to do this research.

1) Register for a Webinar or Town Hall.  (Bonus the Town hall's have free complimentary food)

ICAO Webinar/Townhall

2) Facebook Group

Say NO to the CA/CMA Merger!

3) LinkedIN Group (Highly Recommend - lots of great info)

Future CPA Canada

 My personal opinion on this matter is that Young CA's lost the most from the merger as they did not have enough time to leverage the CA brand to establish their careers and they worked very hard to get that differentiating brand when applying to jobs.  I have also not been pleased with the way the ICAO has handled the whole merger.

The Accountant